Manga Series I’m Reading Currently

Other than the full manga volumes that I’ve reviewed on here recently, there are plenty of other series that I’m currently reading, and mostly enjoying. I wanted to share a few that I’ve been reading recently on the Shonen Jump app, which is where I read a lot of manga.

The Ichinose Family’s Deadly Sins

I saw this series on the app the other day, and it was only a few chapters (7 in total as of this post), and I thought I’d give it ago, not really know what to expect. Within the first 10 or so pages, I thought the idea was a bit dumb, but I was willing to go with it. The Ichinose family wake up in a hospital after a car accident and they’re all suffering from amnesia. The first chapter shows them getting to know each other again, and seeming like really nice positive people, then they get back home, and find they have secrets. The end of the first chapter was great and I wanted to know more, but then the series focuses on the main character, Tsubasa, at school. So, it’s off to a bit of a slow start. 7 chapters in and I’m still enjoying it, but I’m waiting for it to really hook me.

Romantic Killer

At some point I must have tapped on this one by mistake and as I found it in my continue reading and I don’t remember starting it. However, since it was there I gave it a go and I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. Only 9 chapters are available currently, although the series finished in Japan a while ago. It follows Anzu, who is obsessed with video games, her pet cat, and chocolates. Then some weird demon comes into her life and takes that all away to try and set her up with a boy against her wishes. It’s a really weird and strange turn of events, especially considering she’s in school. Her parents then quickly move to America and leave her in Japan by herself, and she’s living through the tropes of a romantic comedy. I think if the opening chapter wasn’t so weird this would be a lot of fun, but it’s a little creepy to say the least. There’s been some funny moments in it, but I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to read it.

Fabricant 100

There are 100 fake humans known as fabricants in the world that are hunting down actual humans and stealing their flesh to become the perfect human. Ashibi Yao’s entire family is murdered by fabricants, but he’s too young. He promises that he will look after himself and allow the strongest fabricant, the 100th one, to take his body once he’s older, as long as she hunts down the other 99 fabricants and kills them with him. I’m really enjoying this one. It’s a little dark, a little funny, and I’m hooked already. There’s only 4 chapters out so far, but I can see this one going for quite a while. The first chapter is a little wonky, but it’s quickly found itself and I’ve enjoyed it all so far.

Ichigoki’s Under Control!!

There’s a bit in chapter 2 that’s so funny that I can’t recommend this one enough. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a manga ever. The premise is silly. A mad scientist student shrinks herself, and then one of her classmates is killed on a trip to the zoo, so she rebuilds his body as an android and sits in his head so they can both live our their youths while finding a way to be normal again. It’s really weird, but it works. It’s not brilliant, but I’m enjoying it so far.

Cipher Academy

I don’t like to be negative about things in general, but I really don’t like Cipher Academy. It’s set in a school where the students solve puzzles. I don’t like this series because I don’t care about the characters at all and I don’t remember any of them with each week as the chapter comes out. I’m only reading it because each chapter is like 20 pages and it keeps coming up on my ‘continue reading’ section when the next chapter comes out. I hope it clicks at some point, but so far I’m really not enjoying it.

Other than that I’m also keeping up to date with Spy x Family and Chainsaw Man which have both been excellent recently. I’m also making my way through Demon Slayer (currently on chapter 117), which I’m enjoying but I think it has lost some steam as the series has progressed.

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