Beastars – Volume 4 – Manga Review

The fourth volume of Beastars show Legoshi coming to terms with what the panda doctor told him in the previous volume about his feelings towards Haru. The Meteor Festival is getting closer, with everyone at Cherryton Academy is preparing. The threat for the herbivore students is still very evident and the plot finally comes back round to mentioning Tem’s murder that kicked off the entire series.

One of the bigger moments in the volume is finding out that Haru is in a relationship with Louis, creating a love triangle when you throw Legoshi into the mix. There’s an interesting dynamic between Louis and Haru, and it comes as a bit of a shock when it’s first revealed. All of the characters are written really well with grounded nuances, especially the main characters. We also get to see a little bit more from the side characters which is always good. It really fleshes out the wider world within the story, although nothing comes close to how expansive the world was in the third volume.

The best part of this volume is getting to see Louis’s past. He has a secret that someone else finds out, which sends him on a reflective journey. It really adds a lot to his character and his motives have finally clicked into place. Definitely the highlight of this volume.

I do think the volume is a little weaker than what’s came before. Not as much happens and the plot seems a little aimless at points. Still there’s a good focus on characters, and Haru, Louis, and Juno all get a lot of time to shine and develop. There’s also a lot of set up that will pay off in future volumes for sure. Overall, I’m still really enjoying the series.

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