Magic in London

Magic in London is an ongoing story that I’m currently working on. Think of something like a comic or a manga series. I have a few different story arcs planned and no end in sight. I’ll be posting a chapter every week on Friday and you can find links to them on here:

Whistling – Part One:

Whistling – Part Two:

Whistling – Part Three:

Whistling – Part Four:

Whistling – Part Five:

Whistling – Part Six:

Whistling – Part Seven:

Whistling – Part Eight:

Recovery – Part Nine:

Recovery – Part Ten:

Enrolment – Part Eleven:

Enrolment – Part Twelve:

Enrolment – Part Thirteen:

Enrolment – Part Fourteen:

Enrolment – Part Fifteen:

Enrolment – Part Sixteen:

Enrolment – Part Seventeen: