Dan and Sarah

I wrote this story last year for my creative writing course. It started off as a dialogue only piece, and I added the description later. Sorry about the bad layout, I couldn’t indent the lines. I hope you enjoy it.

Dan and Sarah

“Look” Sarah said, “I should just go.” She stood by the front door looking at Dan. Who was halfway towards the stairs. He turned around and looked at her.

“Just be quiet, and follow me,” he said.

“I shouldn’t be here. It’s late. I can hear your parents upstairs.”

“They’re probably just getting ready for bed. Don’t worry about them.”

“I’m going. I’ll pick it up, tomorrow.” Sarah turned and reached towards the door. Dan took a couple of quick steps towards her, and nearly grabbed her shoulder.

“Come on. It’s only at the top of the stairs. You don’t mind walking up them in the day. Just follow me.” He turned and began walking up the stairs. Sarah hesitated before following.

“Look,” she said “The stairs creak when I stand on them. I just want to go home.”

“You can go home in a minute. A minute is all this takes.” He looked down at her as she made her decision. “Good. You know you would have regretted it. How could you live another night without your medicine. Just go and sit on the bed. I will be ready soon.”

Sarah walked over to the bed and carefully sat down. She watched as Dan opened a cupboard and took out a box. She shifted at the sight of it, even though she had never seen it before.

“I know, I would have regretted it. It’s just your parents could find out. Both of us could get into a lot of trouble if they found out,” she said.

“They don’t know anything. If someone found us they wouldn’t be thinking this, would they?”

“Shut up.” Sarah shouted. “Look. Just give me it so I can leave. I already gave you the money.”

“Yes. Yes you did. But. I got greedy.” He walked over to the door and locked it. When he turned she could see evil in his eyes.

“What are you doing?”

“This door stays locked until you give me double what we agreed. Or I could bring this into the situation.” He said, as he pulled a large knife out of the box in his hand. “Your choice.”

“You’re crazy. I gave you all I had. Just give me what I paid for, please. Just let me go home.”

Dan laughed at her a little, but he didn’t move.

“I can hear your parents.” Sarah said. “I’ll scream.”

“Go ahead.” Dan said. “See what happens if you make me open this door.”

She began screaming which made Dan unlock and throw the door open. Another teenager entered the room. He took the knife off Dan.

“I told you. You had the chance to stop him. I didn’t want to do this.” Dan said.

“Who are they… What… Stop… Look. This isn’t funny any more. Where are you parents?”

The teenager walked towards Sarah at a slow pace. Smiling as he looked into her eyes.

“They are long gone. You don’t need to worry about them. You should worry about yourself.” Dan said.

“Please. Make him stop. I’m sorry. Keep the money. I just want to go home. Please….”

“Stop him now? He isn’t doing anything yet.”

“I… I just want to go home. Please.”

“Give me the money, and you can.”

“Why…. Just let me go… Why are you doing this?”

“Why? Sarah. Because I can.”

Sarah’s cries became quieter and faster as she looked at the person in front of her. She quickly examined her situation. She didn’t know what to do. She desperately looked at Dan but he only smiled. She looked at the other teenager again, carefully this time, and realised who he was. He was James, from school. Someone she had helped bully for quite a while.

“Please. Don’t.” She said.

“Look into his eyes, don’t you remember him saying the same thing?” Dan said. He tapped James on the back and he began beating her.

“No. No, please don’t. I have the money. I can get it to you tomorrow. Please.”

“Money? I can get money. I don’t need money.” He stood and watched as his friend bruised her, cut her, broke her.

The squeals grew louder, as she pleaded for her safety. A plea that got her nowhere. He beat her savagely. More of her blood covering her face with each punch. She wanted to fight back but couldn’t. She had managed to struggle a little, but he was too much. All she could do was scream. She was completely defenceless. Eventually she had to give up.

“What’s wrong?” Dan said.

Sarah tried to answer but couldn’t. She didn’t care now. She looked up at him, and felt nothing. She wasn’t ready to plea for death, but she would be soon. The small part of her that wished they would let her go began flickering, and soon would be completely extinguished.

“This is what you did to him everyday,” he said. “Except what you did, never, heals.” He smiled at her and then turned to leave the room.

2 Responses to Dan and Sarah

  1. Margaret Fisher says:

    I like the way this begins almost as if the two are doing something that they shouldn’t and then develops a complete change of atmosphere … mostly done by dialogue too! Well done!


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