F-Ken – Manga Review

F-Ken is a one shot from Yusei Matsui, the creator of Assassination Classroom. It follows a highschool kendo group who start to win after a girl joins as their manager and turns the other students into monsters. It’s a really weird and quite perveted story that’s uncomfortable to read and seems really pointless.

On the plus side it’s quite short, under 50 pages long, and the art is good as you’d expect. But beyond that there’s just nothing really good to say about it. The plot is weird, but not entertaining or gripping, the characters don’t have anytime to become likable or interesting. There are some really good one-shots that are shorter than this one, so it can be done. This is just ultimately forgettable.

If you’ve come across F-Ken and that’s put you off trying other Yusei Matsui stories, please still try Assassination Classroom, that’s a brilliant series and it’s hard to imagine this is by the same writer. Definitely one to avoid.

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