Part Fourteen

Tony watched a bubble of blood on the end of one of his fingers. And then it fell, down to the earth near the lifeless corpse of the creature it came from. Someone walked forward and got close to Tony.

“What’s going on? What is that thing? What did it do to Mary?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why did you kill it. It could be here to save us.”

“Save us? What’s wrong with you.”

The man looked down and walked back to the crowd. Tony looked over them and planned every word he was about to say.

“Listen. Stop talking. This is important. These creatures have been sent. Yes there will be more. Please just listen. These creatures have been sent to destroy us. They will take our souls away and destroy this place. This haven. They want to destroy Jimmy. We will have to fight back. I’ve seen weapons. Guns, knives. There must be more. You need to get them now. We need to fight back. I don’t know how long we have left.”

“What’s going on. Why isn’t Jimmy stopping this,” someone shouted.

“Jimmy is in danger. There are other forces at play here. We need to stand here and fight for Jimmy. It’s what he wants. He has told me himself. Mary didn’t deserve to die today and nether do any of us. We will get weapons and then we will fight. It is the only way. These creatures have been sent by Jimmy’s enemies to destroy us and then Jimmy, who has only created this world for us. He created eternal happiness. We will never be alone again, but evil wants to take this away from us. These creatures will take everything if we don’t fight. Jimmy is out there fighting for us. The only way we can win. The only way we can carry on surviving is if we fight together. Go and grab your weapons. Grab anything that can help. We don’t have long.”

Tony heard clapping in his head. The people before him were silent for a moment, and then they rambled amongst themselves. And then another creature fell from the trees. It landed just in front of Tony, and in an instant jumped into the crowd. Loud bangs echoed throughout the jungle. The crowd dispersed, revealing a man in a suit and bowler hat holding a Tommy gun which was pointed at the dead creature. The man spat some chewing gum on the floor and looked up at Tony.

“We need more guns. These things aren’t going to stop coming,” Tony shouted.

The whole crowd panicked but they soon listened. All of them ran back into town. Tony walked slowly down the road not knowing exactly where to go. Someone ran up to him and handed him a pistol. He had never fired a gun before. It was heavier than he expected, but he wasn’t sure if the weight reflected the real thing back in reality. He thanked the woman and then turned back to the jungle. He knew he was heading to certain death. He wondered if Jimmy would leave his child alone if he died during the battle. He knew he couldn’t trust the man’s word.

It had only been a couple of minutes but the jungle was swarmed with the creatures. They were jumping out of the trees, landing on people and scratching anyone who didn’t obey. Tony ran towards one which was holding someone down. He raised his pistol and shot it. Tony’s arm shook violently as he watched the small animal fall of the wounded man. Tony stretched out a hand to the man, who rejected it, rolled over and died. The man had been holding a large blade that was near enough the size of him. It was lying a couple of metres away from the body. Tony walked over to pick it up. He initially thought it would be too heavy but something inside stopped him from walking away. All around him people were fighting. Creatures and souls were being killed everywhere and still Tony walked, cautiously, over to the massive sword. He bent down and picked it up. It was lighter than he had imagined.

Tony heard a loud screech from behind. He turned, swinging the sword as he did. Making a satisfying sound the sword lodged itself halfway into a creature. Tony panicked. He wanted to drop the sword but something stopped him. He lowered the mighty blade allowing the creature to slide off. Quickly Tony turned around and headed deeper into the jungle.

The further he went the more creatures there were waiting for him. He sliced his way through them, only shooting those that got too close.

After a few minutes of running he found a circle of creatures moving slowly towards someone. He ran at the circle, swiping two of their heads off before the others noticed.

Soon enough he found himself in the centre of the circle with the bride.

“You again,” Tony said.

The bride smiled. In her hands was a small knife, covered in blood. She occasionally swiped towards the creatures but they moved out of the way, taunting her. Tony moved forward and took two more out, he then moved behind and got one more. He swung the sword with one hand at another while raising the pistol with his free hand.

It didn’t take long. The creatures were over confident. They all fell.

“What now?” the bride asked.

“We need to keep moving. Back to the inn. Push them back there. Keep them away from the city.”

“By ourselves?”

“No. We start it and the others will follow.”

To Be concluded…

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