Top 50 Films – 10-6 Countdown – Part 9

I’m back with the penultimate instalment to my top 50 films. If you haven’t read the previous parts you can catch up here:


This week I’m starting the countdown of the top 10. Let me know your opinions of the films and if you’ve seen them in the comments:

10 – Resident Evil

I know that a lot of people are going to be groaning at this one. I love the Resident Evil film series, and would put any of the first 3 films in this list, but it’s the first one that takes this spot. As a child I watched these over and over and over. They are fun, action packed and genuinely scared me when I was younger. The first one homages the game in the best way and then does its own thing. There’s music from Slipknot as the theme, which is fantastic. The laser sequence alone is brilliant. The dogs scared me a lot when I first watched it. I do think the series suffered as it went on and the last one was a mess, but I still love the first 3 and will happily watch them anytime.

9 – Indiana Jones

It’s my list, my rules, so I’m putting all 4 Indiana Jones films at number 9. I think my favourite is the third one, The Last Crusade, but I honestly love all 4. When I was younger I always disliked the second one, but there are a lot of good moments in it. I know a lot of people hate Crystal Skull, but it was the first one I saw in the cinema, and I had a great time. The original trilogy is pretty much essential viewing as family entertainment. They’re all full of adventure and fun and are genuinely exciting to watch. I have high hopes for number 5.

8 – Back to the Future

At number 8 I’ve put another series. One of the best trilogies ever made. I remember watching the first one, years and years ago, and just loving it. I’ve seen all 3 many times, and I think it’s hard to separate them. I like the 3rd one the best, but I can’t just watch number 3. I have to start with the first one and watch them all. One of the most referenced films of all time and full of great moments. It’s a0 perfect trilogy that has defied time to still be amazing.

7 – A Beautiful Mind

At one point, I would have said A Beautiful Mind was my favourite film ever made. It’s a true story about mathematician John Nash, and I knew nothing about it when I first watched it. I don’t even remember why I watched it, but I’m glad I did. Russell Crowe is fantastic in it and the story is gripping. There’s a twist in it, that genuinely shocked me and this is a film that has stayed with me for a very long time.

6 – First Blood

Before Rambo became an over-the-top action franchise, there was First Blood. A harsh look at post-Vietnam war era America. It’s incredibly grounded and John Rambo is a great character in it. Stallone gives and amazing performance and co-wrote the script. The film had a long and troubled production with tons of re-writes and different endings. The production was on/off for a decade and it wasn’t until Stallone got on board and re-wrote it that the film got off the ground. Stallone got rid of Rambo’s suicide at the end and wrote the monologue that Rambo gives in the final sequence. It’s an excellent scene and makes the film so much more memorable. Stallone doesn’t get enough credit as a writer, and he really should. This is a great action film that has a lot of heart and emotion. It’s a shame that the series went off the rails immediately afterwards with extreme action, but the first one still stands as a masterpiece.

So that’s numbers 10-6. Let me know what you think about the films I’ve listed and I hope you’re looking forward to my top 5 next week.

Thanks for reading and until next time,


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  1. I loved every one of these! Especially First Blood!

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