FrightFest Round Up & Short Update

My review for Red Snow marks the last review for FrightFest Digital 2021. I had a great time watching these films, and reviewing them. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how it would go. I’ve never been to a film festival, so didn’t know what to expect and was really surprised. There was a lot of great films that really shocked me.

I also learnt something about the way I write. There was a gap of 30 mins to an hour between each film and I used that time to write the reviews so I was days ahead of the uploads by the end. I usually write up notes for reviews, either during or after the film and then write up the full review the next day. Writing it up straight away seemed to work a lot better, so I’ll be trying that method as much as possible.

There are two stand out films for me. The Show and King Knight. I couldn’t recommend these highly enough. The Show is probably going to appeal more to people who live in Northampton, like I do. It’s strange seeing so many places that you walk around on a regular basis. The actual film is just great as well. I’m a massive Alan Moore fan, so this was the one I was looking forward to most and I wasn’t disappointed. Siobhan Hewlett, who played Faith in the film, also liked my tweet about it, which was a great moment.

King Knight was a strange an amazing film. I chose it purely because Ray Wise and Aubrey Plaza were in it, not knowing a single thing about the story. It was so funny and quirky in the best way possible. I loved it and I can’t wait to see it again.

There are so many other great ones. Red Snow, Are We Monsters, The Parker Sessions, Broadcast Signal Intrusion (Through which I found how enthusiastic Harry Shum Jr. fans are), When the Screaming Starts. I would recommend all of them, and you can find reviews of them by searching the names on my blog.

Next year I am 100% going to be going to the physical event. A film festival is something that I’ve always wanted to go to and while the digital one was fantastic I’m sure it will be even better in person.

I hope you enjoyed the interruption to the usual posts, and if you’ve seen any of the films, or plan to, let me know in the comments.

Tomorrow will be part 9 of my top 50 films. This is counting down 10-6, then I will be putting up my review for Mother of Tears in the evening.

And on a side note, the London Film Festival line up has been revealed and looks fantastic. I’m not 100% sure how it’s going to work for me, I’ll be getting an email in the next couple of weeks about what I can access. I have a feeling I won’t be able to make it to London for the big films, but plan to watch as much as possible when I can get down and on the online side of things.

Thanks for reading and until next time,


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  1. It’s been a nice film journey. I look forward to your next two countdown posts. Hmm, I wonder what your all-time top film is.

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