My Top 50 Films Part 6

We’re over half way through my list now. If you haven’t already, you can catch up here:


As always, the list is in a random order until we get to part 9 and 10. I couldn’t list them all, without them shifting places. If you’ve seem any of the films, love them or hate them, let me know.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

I think this might be the funniest film of recent years. Every time I watch it I’m laughing from start to finish. It’s The Lonely Island, so it’s full of strange comedy music and just ridiculous situations. It features so many cameos, from Justin Timberlake to Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. The whole film is a mockumentary about a popstar releasing an album that doesn’t do very well. It’s seriously funny and if you haven’t seen it, I would recommend it.

A Hard Day’s Night

Again, a mix of funny absurdist humour and great music. This is a perfect film to watch when going to bed. The accompanying album is great, and you just get a good sense of The Beatles’ sense of humour. This didn’t appeal to me when my dad first bought it for me one Christmas, but I gave it a go and ended up loving it. I’ve now seen it quite a few times. It’s essential for any Beatles fan. The follow-up Help is also pretty good, but just a little too crazy.

About a Boy

I haven’t seen this film in a very long time, but I know I loved it when I first watched it. My dad showed it to me, and it really clicked with me. A part of me doesn’t ever want to watch it again, just to not spoil the memories, but it sits very highly in my mind. One day I will re-watch it and I’m sure it will click all over again. It’s a rom com with some very dark moments. Hugh Grant is great in it.

Lilo and Stitch

One of my all-time favourite Disney films. It’s so funny and charming. Stitch is one of the best characters Disney ever created. I’m pretty sure most people have seen this film, or at least know about it. There are so many quotable lines and funny moments. There’s also a sweet story about family at its centre and a great soundtrack.

True Romance

One of Tarantino’s best scripts and turned out better than most of the films he actually directed. Inspired heavily by Badlands, featuring similar music and voice over, True Romance is a timeless film. My mum showed this to me when I was growing up and I’ve watched it a few times since. Slater and Arquette are brilliant. Brad Pitt is absolutely great in one of his earliest roles. Everyone is great in the film. It’s an excellent film and everyone should watch it, if they haven’t already.

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  1. Lilo and the stitch yes!! I love that pair ❤️✨

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