Red Snow – Film Review – FrightFest

Director: Sean Nichols Lynch

Writer: Sean Nichols Lynch

Starring: Dennice Cisneros, Nico Bellamy, Laura Kennon, Alan Silva, Edward Ewell and Vernon Wells

Rating: ★★★★

There’s a real clash with how Vampires are presented in recent years. On one side they are merciless killers that hold no regard to humanity other than as food. On the other side they are romanticised and seen as victims more than villains. Red Snow shows both sides of the timeless characters in a fresh take on the vampire mythology.

Dennice Cisneros plays Olivia a writer who is currently struggling to get her vampire romance novel published. She is obsessed with vampires, with coffee-table books, Christmas tree ornaments and a t-shirt with Orlok’s face from Nosferatu. A few days before Christmas a bat flies into her window, and after nursing it back to health discovers that the bat is actually a real-life vampire named Luke. With a vampire hunter lurking about, Olivia makes a decision to see if Luke can help her writing career instead of turning him in.

There is a lot to love about Red Snow. It’s a really funny film with a dark twist. The laughs are plenty and the gore is over the top in the best way possible. Visually the film is great. It’s bright and warm and feels like a Christmas film, that you can settle down with the family to watch, then the killing starts. The violence is brutal and at the same time the humour is kept up throughout.

Dennice Cisneros is absolutely fantastic as the shut-in writer Olivia. She’s a great character and Cisneros gives a brilliant performance. When she first realises that Luke is a vampire, the excitement that Olivia is pure brilliance. Likewise Vernon Wells as the legendary vampire hunter is great casting. He’s sinister when he needs to be and funny as well. His role is small in the film, but his first meeting with Olivia is a memorable part of the film.

Red Snow is a perfect Christmas or Halloween film. It blends horror and comedy together nicely and is an entertaining story. At just under ninety minutes, it’s the perfect length for either holiday and will definitely be one you’ll be adding to your yearly traditions.

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  1. Sounds interesting. I’ll have to take a look at this one.

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