Zom 100: Vol. 3 – Manga Review

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, Vol. 3: Volume 3: Amazon.co.uk: Kotaro  Takata, Haro Aso: 9781974720675: Books

I’m really enjoying Zom 100 so far. It’s going from strength to strength. Vol. 3 sees Akira and Kencho finally grouping up with Shizuka. Akira is going to leave Tokyo to find his parents and to do that he and Kencho want to travel in style in an RV. When they are picking out the RV they bump into Shizuka, who is also looking for a way out of Tokyo, so they decide to group up. Unfortunately they end up having an accident and have to rely on Akira’s old boss Gonzo Kosugi to help them get back onto the road.

While up to this point it’s felt like each chapter of Zom 100 has ben stand alone, an overall story arc is beginning to form. The whole of this volume follows one story that is given a conclusion at the end. There’s also a lot less humour in this one than in the previous 2 volumes. It’s still scattered about throughout, but there is a dark tone that wasn’t as evident before. The funniest bit was when they are picking up the RV, arguing about which one to choose.

The whole series is basically about living your dreams and not getting bogged down in work or other mundane tasks that take up our time. Akira is very aware that he’s not going to live long. The bucket list in the title is what he wants to achieve before turning into a zombie. The story is a comedic way of looking at how we spend time. There is a lot of comparisons in this volume between the zombies and workers and how you can’t tell the difference between them. It wears it’s themes on its sleeve, but it works really well and I’ve really connected with it so far.

There is also the more surface level zombie story that I’m really enjoying. While the darkness of death and the apocalypse has been there since book one, it feels like it’s growing in each volume. There was a specific part of this one that reminded me of the early volumes of The Walking Dead. It’s something I can imagine Rick and his gang coming across in their journey. It’s not the same at all, but there’s a similar feel to it that I really like.

Zom 100 is a great manga and I would highly recommend it. It’s a mix of satirical comedy and zombie apocalypse and it’s really entertaining. Each volume has just flown by in no time and I’m looking forward to reading more.

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