What I’m Watching This Week – London Film Festival

Hello again, it’s a new week and I should finally get internet again this week. Exciting times. This week there isn’t anything at the cinemas around me apart from stuff I’ve already seen. At home I’m going to be watching more horror films, hopefully some of the ones you’ve recommended to me if I can get the internet back in time. As it stands, mobile tethering isn’t good enough to stream Netflix on my TV, so I’m downloading films from Netflix and Amazon on my laptop at my mum’s and watching them at home as well as DVDs.

It’s also time for the London Film Festival, which I’m looking forward to massively. I’m going to be watching as many of the online screenings as possible. It starts Wednesday morning, so those will probably be watched at mum’s house before work. Then after work on Friday I’m going down to London for the weekend. Hotel is booked and I’ve got a few screenings booked in with Tabby on the Saturday. Sunday morning I’m going to be queuing up early for The French Dispatch, which if all things go well will be my first in-person press screening. I’ve been looking forward to this for so long so I really hope I manage to see it. Tickets are first come first serve, so fingers crossed it goes well.

I have tickets on the Saturday for The Velvet Underground, a documentary about the legendary band, Ron’s Gone Wrong and Last Night in Soho. It’s going to be a great weekend and next year I’m going to be going for longer. I don’t have any holiday at work this year to book more time off, but next year I’m hoping to go down for at least a week of the festival. I applied for the press accreditation thinking they would decline it, smaller festivals have, when I got accepted I was beyond shocked so I’m over the moon to see anything and it’s incredibly lucky that The French Dispatch lands on a day I can make it down there.

Do you have any plans on what you’ll be watching over the next week? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Adam (Neko Random) says:

    The London film festival does sound fun

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