Night Drive – Film Review – FrightFest

Directors: Brad Baruh and Meghan Leon

Writer: Meghan Leon

Starring: AJ Bowen, Sophie Dalah and Scott Poythress

Rating: ★★

Night Drive is not a good film. It’s really boring, drags on way too long and falls flat in almost every single way. Russel is a ride share driver and it’s close to Christmas, his next client Charlotte runs out of a house with a suitcase and tells him to drive. Before he knows it, Russel is dragged into a night wacky antics that will change his life forever. 

This feels like a Hollywood comedy. It has a typical set up, good production values and the cast give decent performances. If it wasn’t for the gory moments (two of them, nothing more), then it would have nothing interesting in it. The effects are fantastic, but it’s still just a bad film.

The twist comes in too late. The plot revolves around the suitcase, that contains something that we aren’t told about until way too late in the film. Once it’s revealed it isn’t used in any interesting way. It feels like the first hour and ten minutes should be the first ten minutes to a better film. The whole thing only lasts an hour and twenty minutes but feels so much longer. It’s such a boring uninspired film.

The acting is fairly good, but the main character, Russel (AJ Bowen) is just boring. There’s nothing to him. He feels like a cookie-cutter protagonist for a Hollywood comedy, except this isn’t a comedy it’s a thriller, that isn’t thrilling. To be honest, this would have probably worked better as a comedy, that’s what Charlotte (Sophie Dalah) feels like she’s from. She’s full of energy and drives most of the film. She’s a great character in an otherwise rubbish film.

If it wasn’t for the really great gore effects and decent performances, there would literally be no redeeming qualities about Night Drive. It’s still not worth watching, but it’s not the worst thing ever made. 

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