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Insert Interesting Blog Post Title Here

I never know what to call these update posts. I’ll have to think about a name I can use every week and just change the date on the post title. That’s a job for this week. Anyway, I hope you’ve … Continue reading

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The Whistling by Rebecca Netley – Book Review

After a massive tragedy in her life Elspeth Swansome moves to the remote island Skelthsea to take a job as a nanny for Mary, who hasn’t spoken a word since the death of her brother, William. The previous nanny left very … Continue reading

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Puppet Killer – A Quirky and Bizarre Parody That’s Destined to Become a Cult Classic – Film Review

Director: Lisa Ovies Writer: Kevin Mosley Starring: Aleks Paunovic, Lee Majdoub, Lisa Durupt, Richard Harmon, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Kyle Cassie, Geoff Gustafson, Rating: ★★★ Horror and Comedy has always gone hand in hand. There’s always parodies of the scariest or … Continue reading

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Apex Predator – A Recycled Plot With A Lot of Laughs – Film Review

Director: Edward Drake Writer: Edward Drake and Corey William Large Starring: Bruce Willis, Neal McDonough, Corey William Large, Lochlyn Munro, Trevor Gretzky, Nels Lennarson, Megan Peta Hill Adam Huel Potter, Joe Munroe, and Alexia Fast Rating: ★★½ In the last … Continue reading

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The Day I Found a Girl in the Trash – A Dark Story About Human Rights – Film Review

Director: Michal Krzywicki Writer: Dagmara Brodziak and Michal Krzywicki Starring: Dagmara Brodziak, Michal Krzywicki Marek Kalita, and Philippe Tlokinski Rating: ★★★½ The Day I Found a Girl in the Trash is co-written and co-starring Dagmara Brodziak and Michal Krzywicki, with … Continue reading

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