September 1st

Firstly, thank you to everyone who recommended horror films to me yesterday, either through comments or messaging/emailing me. I now have a list of nearly 60 films to watch. At this rate I’m basically rip off Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness, with at least one horror review a day for the whole of October. If you have anymore, throw them my way. I’ll be asking again throughout September so there’s plenty of time if you haven’t thought of anything.

The next few days will all be about FrightFest the digital version. That will be 2 film reviews from tomorrow until next Tuesday from the festival. That does mean that the next Franchise Catch Up will be moved to next Thursday, as will part 9 of my top 50. I’m looking forward to sharing that one because it’s finally going to be counting down the top 10.

After I’ve finished with my top 50, the next post will be my top 5 most hated films. This will be a single post about the only 5 films that have made me truly angry while watching them. There are worse films out there, but I have rants for 3 of them that I can go into at any point.

Later today I will also be putting up my review for Being John Malkovich, which will mean I’ve reviewed every Charlie Kaufman film, with I’m Thinking of Ending Things as a more comparative review with the original book. I’m going to be ranking Kaufman’s films at some point, which is something I want to do more off.

I have 1 Wes Anderson film left to watch, Fantastic Mr Fox. I don’t have a clue why I haven’t seen it, but it’s getting a Criterion Collection release in November, so I’ll be watching it then. I’ll also be ranking Anderson’s films at some point. I haven’t reviewed them all on here, but may revisit those I haven’t at some point. At some point I will also be ranking M. Night Shyamalan’s films. The only one I haven’t seen is The Last Airbender, which I own (just haven’t gotten around to it yet). I think he’s an overly criticised film-maker and doesn’t deserve a lot of the hate he gets.

I’m hoping to do the same with other directors I really like, David Lynch, Kevin Smith, John Carpenter, Christopher Nolan (I have a love/hate relationship with him and I’m interested to see other’s opinions on mine), Martin Scorsese. Those are my aims at the moment. I haven’t seen everything by them all yet, but will do over the next few months.

In-between the FrightFest reviews I will be uploading sporadic book reviews. I don’t have a specific schedule for these, but I have about 6 books that I have to read in the next couple of weeks. I’ve always been a big reader and getting review copies of new books is exciting as hell. If my 15 year old self knew that I would be getting an advance copy of a new Start Trek book, The Autobiography of Mr Spock, he/I would be so excited. I got that email just before work yesterday and couldn’t believe it. I’ll be reading it and reviewing it as soon as possible. I have 2 others to read before then.

Thanks for reading and I hope there’s something for everyone to look forward to. Until next time,


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  1. I’m well past 15, but I’d still be excited as heck to get a copy of The Autobiography of Mr Spock! Happy reading.:-)

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