In Search of Darkness

The second one has a limited edition backer cover and then a slipcase as well

I’m a pretty big fan of horror films. When I found out last year that there was a documentary being crowd funded about 1980s horror I had to back it. I only found out about it because James Rolfe from Cinemassacre shared it online, he’s also featured in the documentary. I’m a big fan of Rolfe, especially his videos about horror films from the early German silent films to now. If he was involved I knew this was going to be good.

I backed it, going for the blu ray bundle, I just prefer having the actual disc rather than a download. The covers are also pretty nice. Both part 1 and 2 are over 4 hours long each and take a detailed look at 1980s horror films. I slowly watched them, a little at a time most nights before bed. There were nights when I actually went to bed early to watch a little more.

They are great documentaries featuring interviews from directors and actors from the period, from John Carpenter to Robert Englund as well as fans of the genre like Corey Taylor. There’s stories about how films were made, how certain scenes were shot and how effects were created. It’s a pure celebration of horror and its history.

I found a whole ton of new films from watching these, including some absolute classics like Road Games and Night of the Comet. Some not very good. The Stuff wasn’t a good film, but there is a dog scene in it which made me laugh. I wouldn’t have known about any of them without this documentary.

They are specifically for die hard horror fans. The well known classics are spoken about, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, but an equal amount of time is spent on Italian horror films and critically panned films that have achieved a cult following. Overall it’s 9ish hours of information and celebration of horror films. If you love horror films then I can’t recommend this enough.

There is a new documentary from the same team coming soon. This one about 1980s sci-fi and called In Search of Tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it and hope to find some more forgotten classics.

Had to take a picture of my name in the backer credits

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  1. nscovell says:

    I need to watch these. I love James and I miss his monster madness stuff.

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