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It’s Monday again and I wanted to write another update on what I plan on watching this week. Some of the stuff I wanted to watch last week have been delayed. I didn’t get around to Miracle in Cell No. 7, but hopefully this week I will.

The DVDs rentals I had coming from Cinema Paradiso also got lost in the mail, so I didn’t get The Suicide Club or April Fool’s Day. They ended up getting replaced by the 1960s Little Shop of Horrors and The Score, reviews for both coming soon. I reported the missing discs, so hopefully I will get new copies sent out soon.

I’ve been binge watching the John Wick films, with one more to go tomorrow. I’m writing a Franchise Catch Up post for Thursday about them. Tomorrow I also plan on watching the musical version of Little Shop of Horrors.

One of the films I wanted to see in the cinema last week was The Croods 2. Due to heat and a lack of air con, I couldn’t take 2 films, so threw in the towel after Space Jam. I felt like I was melting in my seat and couldn’t face another 90 minutes. I’ve rearranged that for Wednesday evening after work at Rushden Lakes, they always seem to have air con in their screens so that will be nice.

Old by M. Night Shyamalan comes out this week and the trailer looks interesting. I’ve already got my tickets booked for Friday afternoon. This time last year I hadn’t seen any of Shyamalan’s work, being put off by the negative reviews and opinions and knowing the end of the Sixth Sense. Every so often I go out of my way to watch a few classics that I know I should have already seen so I watched The Sixth Sense and loved it. This put me on a Shyamalan marathon. I haven’t seen everything, but I’ve enjoyed what I have seen and plan on watching more.

There are 2 more films coming to my local cinema this weekend, Off the Rails (which looked poor from the trailer) and The World to Come (which I’d never heard of before the listing went up and don’t know anything about). I will be seeing both, because it’s free and I have this weekend off, due to it originally being booked off for London Film and Comic Con, as that’s been moved to November I didn’t cancel the holiday.

I’m not sure what else I’ll end up watching, if you have any recommendations let me know.

Thanks for reading and until next time,


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