Goodbye 2020

I think we’re all glad to say goodbye to literally the worst year in most of our lives. I keep on thinking back to last January and how positive I felt the year was going to be. I had a full calendar, with the wedding, honeymoon, concerts and conventions. It was going to be one hell of a year. As with everyone, near enough all of those plans were scrapped.

The wedding happened in October, only 6 months late. Most of everything else has been rescheulled for this year, even though I’m doubtful that big events will actually go ahead. The honeymoon is still in the future, it’s just waiting for the world to find a new normal and work holiday availability.

I like to look back at the end of every year and think about the highlights. I watched a total of 166 films and read 23 books. I’m not sure how many tv shows I watched, but I imagine quite a few. My first film last year was Us, which came out in 2019. I had been looking forward to that one, just hadn’t got round to it. Looking back through the year, I still think that Tenet is my favourite film. I loved Little Women, Jojo Rabbit, Parasite, Saint Maud and Queen and Slim. Those are my films of 2020, however Tenet steals the top place, purely because I haven’t felt that excited while watching a film, even if it took 2 viewings to figure out everything that was going on.

On a little side story. Another reason I think Tenet is my favourite film of the year is because I wanted to watch it again and again. When Tabby’s parents gave me some christmas money I ordered the Blu Ray. It’s very rare that I buy a film that I’ve already seen in the cinema. That’s something I used to do, but haven’t done in a very long time. The film arrived, and I gave it to Tabby to keep to one side until Christmas. Her brother lives in London and due to restrictions we had to post his present to him. For some unknown reason, Tabby wrapped and posted Tenet instead of the Jo Jo’s Bizzare adventure blu ray that had been ordered for him. I’m still waiting for it to be sent back, so I haven’t been able to watch Tenet again just yet, but I am looking forward to it and the behind the scenes stuff.

I think that Underwater was the worst film of the year. It was Alien, but underwater. It wasn’t scary or tense, just boring and something I had forgotten about before looking back. I also didn’t like The Turning, mainly because the ending was so stupid. I liked the film up until the ending and it was just annoying that they couldn’t stick the landing.

My favourite TV show discovery of the year was Cobra Kai. I had heard about it when it first started, but having never seen Karate Kid, didn’t pay much attention. When the second season first aired I remember Kevin Smith praising it to no end. It made me curious and when they put the show on Netflix along with the first film, I decided to take a chance. The film never appealed to me as a child, but I wish it had done. I feel like I missed out on that. I loved it and watched the 3 sequels very quickly afterwards. Cobra Kai was also pure joy, to the extent that I’ve now pushed Tabby to watch it with me from the beginning and loved it again even though it had only been 3/4 months since I watched it. We are currently towards the end of season 2 and I can’t wait to get to season 3. The second season finale is one of the best cliffhangers in TV history and I honestly can’t think of a better one.

I’ve also spent the last of my christmas money on the Cobra Kai game and am eagerly awaiting that to arrive.

I’m not sure what my favourite book I read last year was. My mind instantly goes to The Dead Zone by Stephen King. I really enjoyed that book, and I think I spoke about it at the time. It’s full of real characters and intrigue, I loved it. I also enjoyed The Martian by Andy Weir. I didn’t read many books from 2020. Just 3 I think. Darren Shan’s Archibold Lox is probably my favourite, beating the new Hunger Games and Stephen King’s If It Bleeds…. It’s great to read new Darren Shan and I can’t wait for the second volume to arrive. I read the ebooks back in April and then ordered the hardback book to reread towards the end of the year.

I do still have to get round to Ready Player Two. I loved the first one and am looking forward to this one. I have the audiobook downloaded, which is how I experienced the first one. But without communiting I haven’t listened to many audiobooks recently, so I just haven’t found the time. Soon.

Hopefully 2021 will be a better year, it can’t be much worse. Personally and globally I think 2020 pushed me to my limits, and I know I’m not alone. My aim for the year is to be more consitsant. I want to write more, read more and post on here more. I feel that I kind of lost myself somewhere in the end of 2020 and it’s time to bring myself back from the unknown and get back to what I enjoy most. I hope everyone has a better year and please let me know the highlights of last year and your hopes for this year!

Thanks for reading, and until next time,


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