November 2020

I’m back again. I didn’t post anything during October. I was tired and wanted a break, to be honest. Work is stressful, as I’m sure it is for most people at the moment. Sleep has been limited and it’s taken it’s toll. The good news is that I did get married during October. Only 6 months late. No honeymoon, which is a shame, but hopefully we will be travelling next year.

I can’t believe that November has come aroud so quickly, it doesn’t feel like this year ever really began. I’ve been working from home since April and since then time has blurred together into nothing. I would believe that it was still May.

October was a good month. Not as much writing as I’d have liked, but I had been planning a horror movie marathon for a while now and we got most of them watched in the last couple of weeks. Classics, such as Texas Chainsaw Masacre and The Omen which I hadn’t seen before along with rewatching old favourites like The Thing and Scream. We still have the first 3 Hellraiser films and Haloween from 2018 to watch. We will get round to them all soon, I’m sure. My plan is to write a couple of posts about my favourites that we watched soon.

The other thing I’ve been up to is bingewatching The Kirate Kid. I kept on hearing that the series Cobra Kai was really good, but I hadn’t seen the original film so didn’t want to start straight with the series. I watched the film on a day off, with nothing else to do and loved it. It reminded me of Rocky, which is one of my top 5 films of all time. I found out later it was directed by the same person, John G. Avildsen. I also watched the rest of the original Karate Kid films, which I also enjoyed. None of them are as good as the first one, but they are still worth watching. I got through Cobra Kai pretty quickly as well and loved it. I can’t wait for season 3.

It’s nice to have a new series to watch. For a little while now I’ve been put off by watching TV series. The recent trend of feature length episodes, pointless padding and everything getting cancelled before it ends is just draining. I find myself getting bored in each episode of most things I watch. I started The Boys season 2 and just can’t get into it the same way I did with season 1. Each episode just really drags on and I don’t think I’m going to finish it. There is too much to watch and they take such a big investment, espeially when a lot of shows get cancelled prematurely. Cobra Kai was a real breath of fresh air. Each episode was a long as it needed to be, whether that was 20ish minutes or 40ish. More things should take that approach. Especially if they are all being released at once. I can’t be the only one put off by 8 hours being released at once and trying to figure out how to slot that in? I end up just missing it instead. Too much time needs investing, and what if season 8 ruins it all like Game of Thrones?

I’m still writing my Vampire novel. Maybe not as quickly as I’d like. I’m nearing 35000, which is over half way I think. I have the rest of it plotted out in my head and I’m enjoying it. I’m still planning for this to be finished early next year. On top of that I’ve got a short story that’s nearly ready to be uploaded with a plan for at least 2 more. If I could get some decent sleep then I’m sure things would be moving a lot quicker.

My plan is to release a 2 part post over the weekend about the horror films I watched last month, then next week a new post about what I’ve been reading. Next weekend, fingers crossed I’ll upload the new short story.

Thanks for reading and until next time,


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