I’m Back

Finally, I’m being productive again. A few weeks back Kingdom Hearts 3 came out. A game I’ve been waiting nearly fifteen years for. I lost all interest in it about six or seven years ago when all it seemed we were going to get were progressively worse spin offs for handheld consoles. When Kingdom Hearts 3 was finally announced as in production five years ago I was a little excited but also very hesitant. During those five years my patience dwindled to the point where I didn’t think it would come out, I had a similar thought to Final Fantasy XV. When KH3 had a firm release date I wasn’t interested. I knew I would get it, but I wasn’t bothered about playing it straight away, despite how excited people around me were.

Then I saw reviews pop up just before release day. It was supposed to be really good. Then I couldn’t get away from the trailers. It seemed like every youtube video I watched had a KH3 trailer. I caved and bought it, even choosing it over Resident Evil 2, which I was very excited for and still haven’t played. I started the game and I was almost a child again, playing through various Disney movies and seeing the next part to a story I began so long ago I had to watch youtube videos explaining it to me. Over the next week or so I 100%ed the game, doing everything I could. I played it for over 70 hours. So I enjoyed it, it didn’t disappoint me. I wasn’t in love with it the way I was with the first two back in the day.

I have quite a few gripes with KH3, there are way too many cut-scenes, like almost half the game is watching cut-scenes. I want to play not watch. It became boring very fast. It was also way too easy. Apart from against one of the gummi ship bosses, I can’t remember dying. The worlds didn’t exactly fill me wonder. They all felt bland and apart from Andy’s room from the Toy Story world and the Pirates of the Caribbean, I would say they all disappointed me. My biggest issue is you don’t go to Al’s Toy Barn in Toy Box, how was that not the toy store? Thank god, the gameplay made up for it though. It was so much fun to actually play. The combat was incredible. I wasn’t disappointed with the game overall, I’m just glad I wasn’t getting hyped up for it.

Either way that’s what has consumed my life for the last few weeks. Which means I haven’t been writing or reading. But that changed this week. Writing and reading has been strong again. I’ve started Good Omens, which is a good book and nearly finished writing Homecoming. I’m being productive again which feels like a breath of fresh air.

Thanks for reading,


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Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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