I want to start by saying a big thank you to everyone who follows me, I recently hit 400 followers which feels great. Thank you.

It’s been a while since an update post, and the beginning of a new year seems like an opportune time for another one. Writing is going steady at the moment. Time Heals… is at 48000 words and nearing its conclusion. I’m also thinking of changing the name to Homecoming, which I think fits the story a lot better. I’ve already started plotting 2 more stories, although I don’t know which one I will focus on first. Both are more fantasy based than Time Heals…/Homecoming which is a lot more grounded than anything I’ve written before.

I’ve recently finished watching Star Trek Voyager for the first time. I’m slowly making my way through all, soon to be, 32 seasons of Star Trek. As much as I like The Original Series and The Next Generation, and I did think Voyager was weaker than both, I found myself more attached to Voyager’s characters. I was disappointed by the final episode. There are a lot of questions I needed answers too. I found out that there is a series of novels that carry on the story and hold the answers I seek. I started reading them this week, and while I’m enjoying it and it does answer them. I do find the voices of the characters are slightly muddled. It’s enjoyable though, which is the main thing.

Since I finished Voyager I’ve also set out to catch up on some shows I got left behind on. First was Fargo. I watched the whole of season 3 in 2 days. Not as strong as the first 2 seasons but still really good stuff. Glad I’ve finally watched it. Preacher Season 3 comes next.

Most of the movies I’ve seen recently have been disappointing. Mary Poppins Returns, Aquaman, The Grinch and Bumblebee. None of them bad, but I wouldn’t recommend them. Spider-man: Into The Spider-Verse was very good though.

My plan is to keep on uploading chapters every Friday. I’m really bad at sticking to schedules, so we shall see.

Thanks for reading,


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Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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  1. All the very best🤞🏽


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