Times Like These

It’s been stupidly busy over the last couple of weeks. So many events, things in my personal life, work and to top it off it’s been painfully hot. I don’t do heat. I like the winter. Writing has been slow, but I am doing it. 2467 is coming along nicely. I can’t wait for people to read it. I know that’s going to be quite a way off. There’s still about 13/14 weeks of The Broken Pocket Watch to go.

I plan on releasing The Broken Pocket Watch as a book/ebook at some point, with further editing and corrections. I just wanted to release something and share my writing. I feel like I hold back too much. I have to force myself to release stuff, and hopefully people will like it and carry on reading.

Recently I bought 2 films on DVD, which is rare for me nowadays. I take too long to watch things that I own, so promised myself only to buy things I plan on watching that week. There was an offer at tesco so I picked up Resident Evil The Final Chapter (Which for some reason wasn’t on at the local cinema) and Rings (Which was on, but I couldn’t make it).

I love the Resident Evil series; games, books and even the films(Animated or live action). The Final Chapter was the worst addition to the entire franchise by a mile and a half. It was so poorly made. The whole film felt like a montage of action scenes with a few lines of exposition here and there to give it some context. Not good. There were a couple of scenes late in the film where I started to enjoy it, where the action slowed down, but other than that it was awful. It’s apparently getting a 6 movie reboot (So much for The Final Chapter), and I really have little hope. 6 more? seriously?

The first one was a really good action/horror movie. It was fun, and had a really decent soundtrack. I watched it recently and while it seems dated, I still enjoyed it. The second and third movies are decent as well. But that’s when they should have stopped making them. I carried on watching as they diminished in quality and will continue with whatever comes next.

Rings, however, was a nice surprise. The 3rd film in the American Ring series, and the first new addition in over a decade. While it’s not that fresh and doesn’t do anything too original or surprising, it’s a decent horror film. Especially when you look around at the complete garbage that is released almost daily. So many bad horror films, both small and big budget. I can’t remember the last horror film I actually enjoyed.

I’m thinking of writing a post at some point dedicated to music. I listen to music all the time. Currently the OKNOTOK remaster of Radiohead’s Ok Computer. I’ve recently been getting into a bunch of new (to me at least) bands, and want to talk about it. I don’t know how I’d do it, but I want to.

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Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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