Part 5

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He led me out into the corridor. This time we turned to the right and followed it to the end and around the corner. There were more rooms here. This time on both sides. Two on the left and one on the right. There was also a door right in front of us. This one was different to the other doors. It was one of those hatch like doors with the wheel in the middle to open it.

Abe walked ahead and opened the last door on the left.

“Wait here, one moment please. Just going to check if anyone’s in there.”

He didn’t wait for an answer, just walked in and pulled the door too. I wait outside. How big can it be in there for me to have to wait. I get close to the small crack in the door, but can’t see anything. Pitch black. He’s been gone a while. Can’t be that big. What’s that noise? Cracking. Sizzling. Popping. What is it. Is there someone else in there. A flush. Abe comes back out. He swung the door open. The lights on now. He walks back out. Bigger than before. His cap pulled further down. Just his bushy beard on show. He pulls up his head and looks at me.

“No one in there, but thought I might as well take advantage. Hope you don’t mind. Nature’s calling and all.”

I force a smile. There was something in his eyes. I’ve worked around it now. It doesn’t affect me. He’s using them to control me. I’m sure of it. It isn’t going to work now. I know his plan. And he doesn’t know that I know. I walk into the bathroom and close the door. It’s tiny inside. A little cubicle, a sink and a towel rack with one dirty looking white towel.

I walk over to the stall until I’m sure he’s gone. Maybe I’m just imagining all of this. None of it is actually happening. Maybe I’m still on the plane. Fell asleep. Had too many pre-flight drinks and having a really bad nightmare. Maybe my head is doing this to me. I’ve hit it hard. But his eyes. There is something wrong with them. They lit up once they looked at me. I’m sure of it. There was no light above us to reflect in them. Where were the lights. There is a single bulb handing from a thread in here, but out there. I don’t remember seeing one. He’s made this place to kill me. To torture me. Make me feel pain. Why. I’m a good person. I don’t deserve this. Please.

I don’t know who I’m begging. If I’m stuck here, then I’m stuck here. Maybe I’m not even on a boat. I’m in some warehouse in London. If I can get out then I’ll be okay. Just need to breath and focus. He’s gone now, I’m sure of it. My hand reaches out to the door handle. It’s locked, with no lock on this side.


The next part will be up on Sunday.

This part ended differently to how I thought it would when I started.

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