Part 4

I’ve named this story The Brig. If you’re new, or want to catch up then you can read the first three parts HERE. My aim is to sit down and write 500 words every few days and post them here. The reason being, I want to see how far I get through the story before running out of ideas. Feedback is more than welcome. 


How did he get in here without me hearing him. I checked the corridor and my footsteps were so loud. He was wearing similar boots to mine. I couldn’t have missed him, so how did he get here. He would of had to have ran down the corridor to get here in the time I wasn’t looking.

“Don’t look so startled. I’m only worried about you. Come on, lets get you back to bed. There’s no helping here. Sadly he is no longer with us.”

“What happened?” I asked as he took my arm and led me back to my room. All of my doubts had disappeared.

“Nasty stuff. When the plane went down a piece of metal went through his stomach. We thought we could save him, but we were wrong. The doctor stopped most of the bleeding, bandaged him up well enough, but things inside. They weren’t up for the fight. He wasn’t in much pain in the end.” I thought back to the screaming. At least it was only brief. He smiled and then continued. “Why am I even telling you all this. You don’t need to know. As long as your safe. There you go. Lay back down. You don’t want to have any accidents. And this is a boat. In the middle of the sea. We are quite a distance from land as well. It will be a few days before we can get you properly checked out. Doing better than we thought. I’ll get the doc to come and have a look at you in the morning. If your well enough you can go and see, what’s his name. Chip, that’s the fella. Oh and didn’t I promise you some food, how stupid I am to forget. I would have came straight back to you after the man died, god rest his soul, but went to get food. I got chatting with somebody, a little way down the hall. You know how it is. Just you wait here. I’ll go and get you something. Some water too.”

He left the room. My head, spinning. When he was here, all I could do was trust him. His kind voice negates his harsh appearance, but now he’s gone. My instincts are telling me to run, but how can I? He could be waiting outside the room for me. Could know all my doubts. But I’m just being stupid, aren’t I? He’s done nothing but be kind to me. I just get this creepy feeling. It’s in my head. Got to be. I’ve hit it pretty hard. Don’t know how long I’ve been out. First things first I need to see the doctor. If I could meet one other person on the ship, that would calm me. He comes back in. Tray, steaming soup, bottled water. It’s sealed. Nothing slipped in outside of the room. Ignore his face. Avoid the eyes.

“Thanks,” I smile. “I don’t want to be more bothersome, but can I see the doctor?”

“You not feeling well? That’s not good. I can try, but he was with another guy a minute ago and seemed busy.”

“Can I go to the toilet while you ask?”

“Toilet?” He had a really strange look on his face. “I guess so… Don’t see why it would be a problem.”



Next part will be uploaded on Friday. 

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