Classic Album Review – Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory

I asked for suggestions a couple of days ago for things to write about on this blog. One of the suggestions I got was classic album reviews. I like the idea, and thought I would give it a go. After finishing it, found it harder than I thought. Never done a more detailed review of an album before. I can only get better though. Or I can keep on telling myself that.

Linkin Park

Hybrid Theory

I’m going to start with this album for many reasons. The main one, I love it. It’s one of the albums that got me into music. There are so many high points on this album and it just never really gets old. There aren’t many debut albums that stormed into the world like this one. It’s one of the highest selling debut albums of all time. Worldwide it’s sold 27 million copies. That isn’t what makes it a classic album though.

Songs like Crawling, Papercut and the In The End stand out as the best songs on this album. Papercut starts the album, grabs you in and the rest of the album doesn’t let go. It’s starts out simply, then the guitars and drums kick in. Mike Shinoda raps, then the chorus comes in with Chester Bennington’s screaming vocals on top. Both styles support the other and there isn’t a bad moment in the song. Everything is set up for the rest of the album. I know exactly what I’m getting and I want more.

In The End is my personal favourite. It’s perfect, from the piano riff in the opening. The two different vocals styles blend together flawlessly here. It sounds, epic. There isn’t really another way to describe it. Every time I listen to this song, I’m hooked. From the start until the end. It’s etched into me.

I hear a lot of criticism for this album about how angry it sounds. But that’s the point. It’s one of those albums that gets me out of bad moods whenever I’m in one. The song A Place For My Head is a brilliant example of this. The lyrics are full of hate and anger, but they work. I can relate to them. I’m positive that many others can.

Cure for the Itch is the weakest song on the album. It’s got a good beat, but ultimately very repetitive and just feels like a filler to boost the length of the album. I don’t skip it when I listen to the album, but it does stand out as the weakest on the album.

Everything on this album works. The Music, lyrics, vocals. It all clicks. It’s energetic, aggressive, emotional, and brilliant on every level. If you haven’t heard this album, then you really need to.

Linkin Park will be performing this album in full at Download this year. That shows how the album is still loved nearly 15 years after it was released.

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