New Story

It’s just turbulence. Not that bad. Seen it plenty of times before. You know how it works. Air pockets and things. Come on. It’ll be alright. How many times do you hear about a plane going down. Almost never. Not going to happen today. You know that. Just keep it together. Okay then, close your eyes. Keep them closed. No one is looking. It’s alright. No one will think it’s weird that a thirty year old is clinging to the seat with scrunched up eyes. I must look stupid. Can’t think about that now. It’s okay it’ll be over soon.

The Same thoughts keep on going round and round in my head. It never works. No matter how many times I’ve been on a plane, it never works. Smooths out in the air and my hands unclasp the seat. An old woman across the isle smiles at me. That bitch was watching me. Should get up and punch her in the face. Last person she watches.

Plane lurches. Loud crunching sound. The window next to me bursts. Things flying everywhere. The boy a seat back lets go of the bunny it flies out of his window. So glad I had my belt on the entire flight. Eyes scrunched again. Screaming all around. Please. Just. Stop. This isn’t real. It isn’t real. Can’t be. Come on, Mary. We’ll get through this. They’ll do an emergency landing. Just like in the films.

Eyes open. Bag in front of me. Oxygen. Waited to long to grab it. Head’s already light. Just a little more. Got it. Immediately turn around to see if the boy’s alright. He’s got the mask on, sobbing into his dad’s chest. Mask as well, but a massive lump of his head’s been scrapped off from something falling on it. He’s barely awake. Where’s Chip. He’s been in the bathroom for too long. Do they have seat belts in there.

The air pressure levels out and things calm down a little. The old lady, is crying. Harder than I was. Another lurch. Something hits me. Down, out cold.

I awake in a metal room. Nothing like the plane. I’m laying on a bed, on top of a white sheet and under a white quilt. My head has been placed upon a white pillow. I sense a theme here. My hands reach the top of my head. Somebody’s put a bandage on it. I sit up. The walls and ceiling are completely metal. The bed runs the length of the room on the right hand side, with a table to the left of me. There is a door opposite the table.

The second I sit up, I’m dizzy. Barely aware of who I am. I’ve never even seen a room like this before. It’s just weird. There’s a loud clank and then the door swings towards me. A man walks in.

“You’re finally awake then.”




Yesterday I wrote about doing a story spread out into 500 word segments. Today, I just went for it. 13 minutes in total to write and now it’s on here. I had no idea, just wrote one word after the other until it started to form. The next part will be here on Thursday. Let me know what you think of the first part. It has no title yet, but hopefully I’ll think of one soon. 

Thanks for reading, 



About ashleymanningwriter

Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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