New Story Incoming

Phil’s dead now. Has been for two whole years. The public knows it. They say it was stress from his adventure, that’s what they’re calling it, and adventure, if you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t know. That’s not entirely true. Stress did get to him. He drank a lot. It wasn’t just the book, or the adventure, it was me. I was there as he looked over the blank page, his head filled with those disgusting thoughts. I was there when he crashed the plane in the first place. They said it was problems with the weather. They missed out his drinking. I was there when he found the cave on the island. I watched him as he climbed up the hill, thinking for some reason that he was in heaven. Sorry. I’m getting ahead of myself. I killed him. I put the thoughts in his head to punch through the window, slicing his wrists open, and let the blood fall. I told him to do it, and he listened. His wife found him later, blamed herself. She had left him a couple of weeks earlier, after the affair. Both the separation and the affair didn’t reach the newspaper. Nor did the death of his mistress. My work as well, just so you know.


This is the second paragraph of a shortish story I’ve been writing. One of my new years resolutions was to write one short story and upload it here each month. I got to a point today where I didn’t have an idea at all for this month. Good start to the year. So I say down and just wrote one word after another until a story formed. I will be uploading the first 2000 words tomorrow. The whole story is going to be between 4000 and 5000 words long, so I will upload it in two parts.

I’m quite excited about the story, it’s different from other things I’ve written, still fantasy, but different in tone. Still quite dark, but hopefully you’ll get what I mean when the whole thing is uploaded.

I was so excited about how easy this story seemed to flow that I had to upload something straight away. The first paragraph is rather dull to be honest, but I like the second one. I appreciate any feedback, either to this section or the story as a whole.

Another thing about this story is that it will be self-contained. A lot of the things I’ve uploaded here can be extended, but this is different. Anyway I hope you enjoy it and come back tomorrow to read the first half.

There’s also that announcement I will be making on Tuesday. All things seem to be set for it. Just putting the final touches on a few things.

So see you then and thanks for reading,


About ashleymanningwriter

Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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2 Responses to New Story Incoming

  1. kcorym says:

    I love the sudden “actually, I’m gonna be straight with you” of the narrator, very good 🙂


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