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Magic in London: Enrolment – Part Eleven

Catch up on Magic in London here: https://ashleymanning.com/magic-in-london/ Chuck didn’t think his mum would ever stop talking. She was in tears as soon as she heard his voice and no matter what he said she wouldn’t stop interrupting him. He was … Continue reading

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Teddy – Short Story

Teddy is my latest short story, and I think it’s one of the darkest things I’ve ever written if not the darkest. It’s not particularly gory, but it’s definitely not for everyone and I think it’s quite a sad story. … Continue reading

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Yakuza: Like a Dragon

The Yakuza series is one of my favourite game series, including the Judgement spin-offs. It’s absolutely bonkers while also having a dark and gripping story. I’ve just finished played Like a Dragon, which is my favourite of the series so … Continue reading

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The Roommate – Short Story

There is a spider that lives in the corner of my bathroom, right above the door when you walk in. Every day it is curled up pretending to be dead, but last night I couldn’t sleep and went to the … Continue reading

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The Broken Pocket Watch – Chapter Three

I spent the whole school day with my hand around my neck, just feeling the pocket watch. Knowing that no one else had one, wondering what I could do with this new power. If someone tried to cause a fight … Continue reading

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