Jimmy Part 14 and uni.

Jimmy part 14 has now been uploaded and can be read HERE. The last part will be uploaded next week, either on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Uni is approaching fast. While I set out to be over prepared and ready for my final year, now that it’s only the weekend away I know I’m not. I’ve read a couple of the set texts, but not all of them, I’m just under halfway through my dissertation, while I had hoped I would have finished it by now. I don’t even know how to prepare for Creative Writing and Reading 3, and I couldn’t name one poem from the romantic period. All things which will change by Christmas, hopefully.

I do have a couple of aims this year. Since I’ve only got 1 heavy reading module I plan on reading every text and not skipping the mind numbing boring ones, like I did more than a few times last year. At the time I did have 4 heavy reading modules and just read ones that I could get in to.

I want to feel more confident about reading out loud. I know I’m still going to get nervous, but I want to get through at least a couple of weeks without worrying about the next workshop night and day. I have 2 modules with workshops in, which is the same as last year. I know I’m not going to get along with Creative Reading and Writing, just by reading the module guide. But my focus is more aimed at Fiction 3. But as I haven’t been enrolled in that module yet I still don’t have a clue about it.

I also hope I enjoy the books more this year. Since I’m doing the Victorian fantasy module this shouldn’t be a problem. So far I’ve read The Jungle Book and The King of the Golden River and really enjoyed the books. I’m 5% through The Water Babies and finding it interesting so far.

A big aim this year is to get the assignments done as quickly as possible, while last year I did some of them with a week to spare, there were a couple of times when I was looking at the clock, seeing 11pm and thinking I’ve still got 500 words to go. I want to feel more comfortable with my timings this year.

Enough about uni. This week I haven’t done much that isn’t related to uni. I’ve started Kingdom Hearts 1.5 which is the re-release of the original kingdom hearts from 11 years ago along with RE: Chain of Memories and the cut scenes from 358/2 days. One of my favourite games of all time. I love anything to do with Disney. Can’t wait for the next one. I’m hoping for Toy Story world, Bugs Life world, The Incredibles world and a Tangled world. A Star Wars one would be nice as well, but doubtful.

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