The inevitable.

Jimmy part 13 is finally uploaded. You can read it HERE.

It was uploaded on Tuesday but after uploading it I thought I would have a game of Tetris which lasted a couple of hours and I completely forgot about this post.

JK Rowling announced today that she is penning a new film set in the world of Harry Potter called  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which will be the first in a new series. Everyone knew that Rowling would return to the world of Harry Potter at some point. I just always assumed it would be a new book, before a new film. At any rate it’s good news. I have high hopes and I’m sure they will be met. I just hope she will continue with her detective writing as well because I really enjoyed that book.

I watched the first episode of Bate’s Motel, a modern retelling of Psycho today. I wasn’t that impressed. A lot of reviews made out it was the best thing ever. It was okay, but nothing more than that. I will watch the second episode and hope it gets better.

I caught up with the comic Ghosted after it was recommended to me. There are only 3 issues out so far, but I really enjoyed them. The dialogue is a little off in places but overall I’m really enjoying it.

There isn’t much of an update with writing. Dissertation is coming along slowly. I’m putting together ideas for books I’m writing.

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2 Responses to The inevitable.

  1. sandradan1 says:

    Is The Cuckoo’s Calling good then? I admit to being left a bit flat by The Casual Vacancy, though she has to meet absurdly high expectations with everything she writes. SD


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