I promised last week that I would be uploading a preview of something new that I’m writing, that will be uploaded tomorrow at some point. I don’t know how long the section will be, probably around 500 words.

Last Sunday I spent half the day replaying Zelda: A Link to the Past for the SNES. It’s one of the best Zelda games, a classic. I’m trying to complete it before the sequel comes out later this year, over 20 years after the original.

I’m also replaying the Uncharted games to get them all at 100%, not including multiplater add ons. I’ve finished the 3rd one completely, and I’m halfway through the first one. Those 3 games are ranked very highly in my mind. Some of the best of the current generation. Naughty Dog rarely make a bad game. I’ve played all of the main console ones and the only one I dislike is Jak 2 because it winds me up with bad camera angels, stupid aiming for the guns and the annoying handling of the cars and jet board thing. The Last of Us, Naughty Dogs latest game, is among the best games of all time. The story, the acting, the characters. I’ve played it through 3 times since it came out 2 and a bit months ago and just love it.

It’s only a couple of days until NICE the Northamptonshire comic convention. Quite a few cancellations this week. 8 in total. It’s a little disappointing but the main people are still there. Garth Ennis, Guillem March. There will be plenty of things to do. I’m really looking forward to it. After that it’s focusing on uni for two weeks, and then I should be prepared.

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Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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