Jimmy update

I want to apologise to anyone expecting the next part of Jimmy this week. I was going to upload it today, but while traveling between my dad’s and mum’s house yesterday my memory stick must have fell out of my bag. I’ve checked it several times. I’m not sure how up to date my back up is but when I go back to my dad’s house I will check and then update you. Even if I have to rewrite it there will be something up next week. I will also upload the first part of the new thing I started writing that I mentioned earlier in the week. At the moment it is only 700 words but I only just started it and have the next 2000 or so in my head. I also have the ending which is unusual because I normally can’t end things. 

Last weekend I reread the first half of Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four/FF run. As with most things Hickman writes it’s much better when you know what is coming. Everything makes more sense, and little bits here and there really make his writing brilliant. I’m really enjoying East of West which he is writing. While it’s only 5 issues in, I think it’s probably my favourite thing he has written to date. 

As I don’t own the second half of Hickman’s FF run I decided to reread something else this weekend. I looked over my shelves and spotted Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing. One of the first comics I ever read. I remember being amazed by how brilliant it is. When Alan came to our school there was a free handout of issue 21, which is the second issue in his run. I remember receiving a message from a friend later in the day which read “Wow. I need to read more.” It’s one of those comics that sounds so stupid, along with Matter-Eating Lad and Arm-Fall off boy and yet unlike those two Swamp Thing is just epic. Now that I’m rereading it I think it’s even better than the first time round. I don’t know if that’s because my knowledge of comics has improved or it just gets better after rereading. At the moment I’m just over halfway through volume 2 of 6. Constantine hasn’t been in it yet. If I remember correctly that’s in volume 3. After I’ve finished Swamp Thing I’m going to start on Jack Kirby’s (Who would have turned 96 this week if he was still with us) Fourth World, which I’ve also read before. 

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