Proof Copy of My Book

The proof copy of my book arrived in the mail earlier. For me that was the biggest thing ever. I’ve now held my book in a printed and bound edition. So far there has been a couple of errors but nothing major. The cover was slightly off, but that has been fixed. I’ve read through the first 40 pages, with about 250 to go. A couple of double spaces and so far one missing full stop. Nothing major. Everything is on schedule. It’s just less than 2 weeks now until every one can read the book. I’m anxious but excited. What’s the worst that can happen? 

Thanks for reading,


About ashleymanningwriter

Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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4 Responses to Proof Copy of My Book

  1. carol lee says:

    Well done Ashley we knew you could do it we are very proud of you and pleased for you cant wait to read it


  2. Congratulations!!! Looking forward to seeing the finished product 🙂


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