PS4, Jimmy Part 7 & Coraline

I’ve uploaded Part Seven of Jimmy HERE. It’s near enough half way through now. If you would like to read from Part One you can find it HERE.

Being the geek that I am last night I stayed up until four in the morning while talking to a friend on Facebook to watch the PS4 conference at E3. I know that it’s kind of sad but it was worth it. Anyone that knows me and my gaming habits knows that I’ve always leaned towards Playstation. They have better exclusives, better hardware and I’ve been using them for about 15 years now. I never thought it would be so easy to dislike another console though. All of Microsoft’s policies don’t make sense. Ah well. What made staying up worth it was seeing the first mention of the new game in one of my favourite franchises of all time. Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally been announced. I’ve been waiting 7 years for this. HERE is the trailer. For those that don’t know it’s a mixture of Final Fantasy and Disney films. The new addition is also going to include other worlds from Disney’s “Properties”. There is no word on whether that means Pixar films, Marvel Comics and films, Star Wars or something even stranger. Whatever it is I can’t believe it’s finally been announced. Even if there isn’t a date and FF versus 13 was announced in 2006 and has now been renamed Final Fantasy 15 and still has no date. Hopefully neither of them will take that long to come out.

I finished Coraline last week. It truly is a special little book. It’s freaky and gripping. Next up is my favourite Gaiman book of all time Stardust. It’s sitting next to me now am I’m hoping to have started it tonight.

I have no real update on my book, To The Other, as I’m still waiting for my proof copy. I’ll make a new post when it’s arrived and list the changes I’m going to be making. Hopefully nothing big.

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