Jimmy Part Two

Tony watched as the woman walked along the bar and through a door to the back room. He was alone. Part of him thought that maybe Nate wouldn’t ever make it there. He still had a day or two to wait, and that was only if he had calculated everything right. He wasn’t known for his mathematical abilities. It seemed like years had passed since he was in London, while it had only been two or three days. Tony grabbed at the cup in front of him and raised it to his mouth. Even though he was the only one there he felt odd not holding onto something, even if it was empty. He knew the woman would be back soon and he was right. She walked back into the room with a man following her.


Carry on reading Jimmy Part Two HERE.

I’m quite happy with the feedback I received from last weeks story, Jimmy. Through the blog, email and Facebook I received more than the 5 likes I wanted in order to carry on adding to Jimmy. And there it is. Part Two.

I have an idea for Jimmy to last 15 parts of around 1000 words each. These parts can be grouped into sets of 5. At the moment I’ve written the first 8. I’m enjoying writing it, and it’s a different approach to most of my other writing. Last Wednesday I wrote 4000 words in a day which is now my personal record. I’m very happy with that.

I’ve also near enough finished my latest edit of To The Other which is going well. It’s all steps in the right direction.

Today I went to London to visit ‘David Bowie Is’, an exhibition in the V & A on Bowie’s life and music. I’m a fan of Bowie, but the only reason I went was because it was a birthday present to my mum from my uncle. It was a good day out, even though it was way too packed at some points. There was no way through the small areas when there were so many people. Other than that it was a good day out. I enjoyed walking around London.

Tomorrow is back to writing and editing. Hoping to have the next edit done by the weekend, and the 15 parts of Jimmy completed by next weekend.

Thanks for reading,


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Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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