2013 – The Year of Music

My new short novella is nearly finished. A couple more days to go on it. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it. It’s not just way too long to put on here it’s also rather violent. I didn’t mean it to be when I started. It just fit. It’s always been about the breakdown of a teenager who has an absent parent, an alcoholic one, is lonely and bullied at school. But I didn’t plan for it to be as violent as it is. I’m happy with how it’s turning out, but I’m not sure what to do with it. I’ll decide at some point.

I came home from town today with Paramore’s new album. I’ve been waiting for this for quite a while. The first two singles are great, and I have really high hopes for the album. The problem was that I went online when I got home and found out Fall Out Boy are streaming their new album (Their first in 5 years and is due out next week) for free on their website. I’ve listened to that twice now, and Paramore is sitting their waiting. I’ll listen to it tomorrow.  If I’m not still  listening to Fall Out Boy. Their new album is great. The only bad song on it is Rat A Tat. It features Courtney Love who shouldn’t be allowed to make music anymore. She’s a very irritating individual who only makes the news when she has something bad to say about Dace Grohl. I can only think of one song that she’s made that isn’t rubbish. Even Save Rock and Roll (The last track on FOB’s new album featuring Elton John) is better than her one.

Stone Sour’s new album came out yesterday, but I’ll get that at a later point. I really want it because it folds out into a house when combined with the last album. A stupid gimmick but it works. I’m sure the album will be good, Corey Taylor rarely disappoints.

This year there are way to many new albums coming out. David Bowie, Bullet for my Valentine, (Even My Chemical Romance released 10 tracks before splitting), Palma Violets, Dave Grohl’s Sound City, Paramore and Stone Sour have already released albums.

HIM, Limp Bizkit, Queens of the Stone Age, Miles Kane, Paul McCartney, Linkin Park, Smashing Pumpkins, 30 Seconds to Mars, Obsessive Compulsive and Fall Out Boy have ones due out in the upcoming months.

There are even more rumoured ones. These are also only ones I’m interested in. I think Slash is the only one, who is still going and I like, without a new album out this year. He did have one out last year.

I told someone that I had trouble finding something to talk about this week and they told me to be topical. There is plenty to talk about. Blake’s 7 is being remade by SyFy as a 13 part series. I’ve never seen the original, and have been told not too by several people, but I’ll be interested in this one. Also I read that the recent Doctor Who has been criticised for its “element of sexuality” by the original director from 50 years ago. Maybe I’m desensitised, but I’ve not really noticed any of that in the recent series. I’ll be interested to see what others think.

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