My writing has been going well for the last couple of days. The idea is there and it’s a rush to get it on the screen. A couple more days and it’ll be finished. I’ve even got quite a bit of editing done, but that will be a priority after the story.

Disney/Pixar announced Finding Dory today. Finding Nemo 2 has been rumoured since last summer, but this is the first time Disney/Pixar have acknowledged it. It’s set for a November 2015 release. If the rumours for Toy Story 4, also in 2015, turn out to be true then 2015 will be the year of Disney. Star Wars 7, Avengers 2, An unknown Marvel project (Probably Ant-Man), Pirates 5, Finding Dory, Toy Story 4. I think Disney have the top 5/6 of the biggest box office grossing films there.  There is also going to be the 55th Disney classic that year, and they always make a bit of noise. Although judging from Wreck-It Ralph the UK will get that a bit later.

I’m going to see The Host tomorrow. It should be good. The book is brilliant. It’s written by Stephanie Meyer, and I think it’s better than Twilight. The film’s trailers look good, so I have high hopes.

I’ve only read about 30 more pages of Harlen Coben’s book. I’m enjoying it, but writing has been a priority. I’ve also been playing Sly 4 with my girlfiend, Tabby, which has been fun. It’s about time a game was released for this generation of consoles with a decent length (Not being able to get to completion within a couple of sessions. Tomb Raider was about 12 hours, Bioshock Infinite was about 10. Not worth the money, but I use Lovefilm.) The game is also exactly like the ps2 ones. Fun, simple and entertaining. No long, and boring, cut scenes. No annoying real time events that take too long and are to easy. (Pressing buttons when they appear on screen is just boring.) It’s a good game, and I hope it is successful enough to end this long parade of first person shooters that seem to be everywhere at the moment. Even Resident Evil 6 had really Call of Duty moments when you had to shoot a sniper so someone else could do something. Hopefully that’s the end of that.

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