Endings and Beginings.

It’s now only 2 weeks til the end of this year at uni. I know I’ve been going on about this a lot, but it can’t come soon enough. This year has really dragged out. Most of the texts have been awful, the lectures boring and I’m just not interested in a lot of it. Take today for instance. We had a guest speaker, a literary agent/author named Kate Nash. I was looking forward to this insight into the publishing world. She also started her talk by stating that there are things we can learn from her that wouldn’t be available online and in textbooks. She spoke about her journey as an author. Her talk was fine and it was interesting to an extent, although there wasn’t much there I couldn’t find on the internet. What really bothered me is that one of our lecturers kept on interrupting. He was really patronising and went on about how all year ones want to write novels because they don’t know that other forms of books like non-fiction and poetry. He said that if we walked into a bookshop we would find many other topics for books and that since fiction is so hard to be successful in that we should try non-fiction. He seemed really bitter. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it was irritating.

Another part of uni which is bothering me is that I have 2 presentations to do next week. While I hate speaking in front of people, if I’ve prepared something I can do it. This would be our 7th week of doing one of the presentations and today was the first time all 4 of us had met up. It seems like only half of us have bothered to do what we were supposed to, and we are yet again pushing things back til Friday. It’s a joke that people in the second year of uni can blame assignments for not having done assignments. 7 weeks. This is really annoying me.

Enough moaning. Not much can be done about it. I’ve finally gotten round to starting the second Skullduggery pleasant book. 1 chapter in. YAY. I’ll be reading that over the Easter break. I was informed that we aren’t aloud to call it Easter break last week and that made me laugh. I watched the two Clerks films last week. I was expecting more geekyness in them but there were still a few funny bits in it. Enough to make me want to watch more of the other films Kevin Smith made.

I’ve finally bought Metal Gear Rising and started playing it. It’s good, but very irritating. It’s been a long time since I’ve shouted at the tv til I wanted to throw the controller at it. 3 missions in and 5 to go. It’s going to be a long haul.

Haven’t got much to say this week. A lot of moaning but not much else. It’ll be over in just over a week and then I can enjoy things again.

Thanks for reading,


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Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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