Zom-B City

The third book in Shan’s newest series is finally out. I’ve bee waiting to read more of B’s adventure since the second I finished the last one, way back in January. B has left the underground facility and wanders through the streets of London. She finds a variety of people, from artists, opportunists and religious weirdos. The best thing about this book is the way in which other characters have reacted to the zombie apocalypse.

At first the book is quite slow, and didn’t really live up to what I’d imagined. However that doesn’t last long. As B travels back to her house and B’s isolation really takes the centre of the novel for a small part. I’ve been really shocked with how well Shan has tackled themes like racism and isolation in a series about zombies. (The gore and violence what I expected is still there but there are small parts where it takes a back seat.)

Despite a slow start the pace becomes relentless later on with shocks going past in a couple of pages, only for another shocker to come along seconds later. I read it in two sittings only stopping to eat my dinner. When this 12 book series was first announced I was worried that it was going to be a disappointment. It’s hard to keep readers interested for 12 books and the middle section of The Demonata did waver a little. (I did stick with that though and the last couple were just as good as the first.) I’m now a quarter of the way in through this series and I’m not worried at all about any book being wasted. I have a lot of questions and I’m not bored.

Zom-B is turning into a great series. It’s better than the Dementa but not quite as good as the Saga of Darren Shan. If you’re not already reading it, you should. I think the paperback of the first book has just been released, so it’s cheaper. I do recommend it and it’s a great read. As always I can’t wait for the next one. Zom-B Angels – Only 3 months to go.

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