The Following, Vampires and noisy neighbours

I haven’t done any writing relevant to my stories this week. Just been a lazy week, although I plan on getting on with some now. I reached that part in the novel where I have to really force myself to carry on writing. Soon enough the story will take over and it will practically finish itself. It’s just getting through this bit.

I finally got some decent sleep last night. After 4 weeks of constant noise next week they seem to have knocked themselves out. Either that or they’ve moved into that tent which has popped up outside. They have a tiny front garden, which has a tree and a wrecked car in it. Overnight last Wednesday a tent popped up. It wasn’t there at around 11 but was there after a very noisy night. They’ve put the car in it. I’m guessing that is where they go to make noise.

Is anyone else watching The Following with Kevin Bacon? It’s actually really good and is becoming a highlight of TV each week. My only worry is that it becomes a generic moster-of-the-week show with nothing separating it from everything else. It is looking like it is going down that route, but I hope it doesn’t. Either way it is a very good show at the moment, and I’m enjoying it.

I watched House at the End of the Street recently. I was expecting a good horror story that would be a bit jumpy and have a good plot. The fact that Jennifer Lawrence was in it made me expect more. I was disappointed beyond belief. The film is awful. It’s beyond bad. Full of clichés, bad acting and a bad plot it is surely one of the worst high-budget films of last year. The only redeeming factor was that some of it was so bad I laughed. Maybe I was expecting too much. Even so borrowing plots from every other horror going is not a good way to make a film. Sinister came out this week and I was planning on getting it. Not sure now. Maybe I’ll just wait for Silent Hill Revelations before being disappointed again. I’ve been looking forward to that since the last one, and am really disappointed at the reviews. I will still get it though.

At uni this week we have started the Vampire section of the Gothic module. I’ve been looking forward to this. Carmilla was this week, followed by Dracula. I’ve heard of Carmilla, but I’ve never read it. I sat down on Sunday and read it cover to cover (Not hard considering it is 80 pages). It’s a really good book, but maybe I’m biased. I love 19th century books, especially the Gothic ones. I know I’m going to love Dracula, I’ve read that more times than I can count. I will read it again though. I did Dracula for A-level and used to finish it in my free periods and then start it again a minute later. I don’t care about weird looks from friends, or that the cover has nearly fallen off, its the only book I can do that too and I’m looking forward to read it again. It would be weird if I hated it this time. And I hope the lecture doesn’t ruin it for me. My opinions been changed because of lectures before.

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On another subject I am currently looking for some writers to help me review things for a side-project. A website called Geeks of the Round Table, which reviews everything from books to games. Click here for more details. I look forward to here from you.

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4 Responses to The Following, Vampires and noisy neighbours

  1. sabina khan says:

    My husband and I have been watching The Following as well. I do like Kevin Bacon and so far the show has kept me on the edge of my seat. Happy writing!


  2. Kerry says:

    I have not yet seen this weeks The Following but have it to watch this weekend. I am really enjoying it so far.


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