More Wanderings Around London

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I enjoy walking around London. I try to find an excuse to go to London at least once a month and always find exciting and different things to do. Yesterday we travelled down quite early, arriving at Euston around 8:20 and set of to get breakfast. The trip was for my mum’s birthday, and we started by heading towards Covent Garden Market, and walking through it as everything was opening and being set up. There weren’t a lot of people around, and it was easy to get around at that point. Then we set off in a random direction, as mum liked the look of a building down a street and we just followed that along until we came to Holborn underground station, which we needed to jump on to get to Liverpool Street. We had a table booked at a restaurant near the station for noon but wanted to explore Spitalfields Market and the surrounding area beforehand.

I’ve been to the market before, and it’s a really great place to walk around, buy food, and various things. I bought a few books from a stall, and I’m looking forward to reading them. After that we still had some time before noon so decided to take a walk to see the Gherkin up close. It’s one of my mum’s favourite buildings and she always points it out in the skyline when we see it. We turned around and could see that it was pretty close so just headed in that direction until we found it. By this point I was getting pretty cold and I hadn’t brought gloves, which was a regret. The buildings were all tall and imposing, towering over us. There was also a distinct lack of people walking about. It was quiet, sunny, and cold.

The picture above is the Gherkin to the right and then the street we walked down from. The buildings are all stunning in this area. Nearby is another building that looks like something out of a dystopian sci-fi film. If it was night time and raining it’d be like something out Blade Runner. Looking it up online I found out it’s called the Lloyd’s Building or the Inside-Out Building due to its design. It’s definitely something unique to see without knowing it’s there. I’m sure all of this area is rammed with people during busy working weeks, but on a Saturday it was nice to stroll about. I also found out that my phone camera is pretty much broken after I dropped it twice last week. The pictures I’ve taken here were on Tabby’s much better and newer phone. I definitely didn’t drop it just to get a new phone… promise.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. The Lloyd’s building looks awesome! Glad you had a nice outing.

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