Beastars – Volume Six – Manga Review

The sixth volume of Beastars is a lot more relaxed than the previous volume. It starts with Legoshi admitting that he was the wolf that almost killed Haru, way back in the first volume. There’s surprisingly little fallout with that revelation, since Haru always suspected it was him. After that’s out of the way the majority of the volume is simple and character driven. Haru and Legohi get closer, Juno’s jealousy grows, and more importantly Louis is missing. School life continues and summer break happens.

In the middle of the volume is a chapter that shows Jack and Legoshi first meeting when they’re young. It’s a nice chapter that adds more to the overall world of Beastars, and also reveals some more about the history of the conflict between herbivores and carnivores which is always nice to see. It’s also explained that dogs are artificially created to try and stop future wars, by giving them intelligence, but that obviously leads to further tensions growing. The world building in Beastars is simply fantastic, it constantly feels alive and like we’re only seeing a little piece of it.

While most of this volume is quite slow, focusing on character development rather than progressing the main story, the last few chapters set up the next big arc in the overall story. It’s a nice break from the main story before everything gets going again, and judging from how this volume leaves off, it’s going to be good.

Thanks for reading!

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