Moriking – Manga Review

Moriking is a very strange manga that’s a lot to wrap your head around, so bear with me. Shota gets a pet rhinoceros beetle that he names Moriking. When Moriking starts to grow he changes into an adult human with a horn on his head and wings/shell on his back. So not only does does Shota now have a pet that looks like a human, but is a beetle, Moriking is also a potential king of the forest. Throughout the manga series, he competes with other human looking bugs that also want to become king of the forest.

Throughout the story there’s two different types of stories, either other people being confused or just outright rejecting Moriking as a beetle/human, and battles between Moriking and other potentials. It’s all silly good fun, with a lot of bizarre moments that make their own king of sense. Moriking is a noble person, who is always there to help people, and goes above and beyond to do that. The other characters are all wacky and strange in their own ways. My favourite chapters were the ones with Shota’s family taking centre stage as they come to accept Moriking as one of the family.

Each chapter is only 15 pages long, so they’re all very quick to read and there’s 35 in total. I didn’t find this to be the type of manga that I had to carry on reading straight away, but it’s always enjoyable when I did read one. I actually started reading this when it first started serialising on the Shonen Jump app, and then replaced my phone, and the app didn’t remember where I was with any of the series I was reading, and I just forgot about it until last week where I was looking through it and found it and thought it was a good time to finish it. So it’s definitely not a manga that you’re going to be raving about, but it is worth reading if you’re looking for some light and easy reading.

Overall, I would recommend this manga. The whole thing is goofy fun and the ending is simply fantastic. It may not be the most essential read, but sometimes easy reading is what you need.

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