Just like every other month this year, December is flying by. If you saw my post the other day, you know that I’ve had a lot of time wasted with my heating. There’s no major update on that just yet, we’re just waiting on an electrician to check the wiring. In between that I’ve still been playing Fall Guys, which is a lot of fun, and started Final Fantasy Crisis Core, which I’m also enjoying.

I consider myself a morning person, and have recently started working earlier shifts, starting at 7am. I work from home, so commuting isn’t an issue, but I am really struggling with getting up. I’ve not been late just yet, but I am still in bed at 6:45 most mornings. I had Tuesday off and managed to get up earlier than I have when I’ve been working, which is just typical. It does mean I have a lot more of an evening to get on with other stuff though, so it’s better. I am very likely going to be switching in late March to working much later, so will have to adjust again. That should also be good though.

On 31st December I’m going to publish my short story Teddy on here. That’s my plan and then on the last day of every month I’m going to publish a full short story. One of my challenges for next year is to publish one short story every month. I’m writing that here, to keep me motivated. I already have an idea bubbling for January’s one. I’m also hoping to write a few more shorter pieces like what I did yesterday (if you haven’t already check it out here: https://ashleymanning.com/2022/12/14/late-night-pitstop/ ).

There’s still a lot to do in December. I’m still hoping to get to see Violent Night, hopefully sometime next week. Avatar is also on my watch list, but I won’t be seeing it tomorrow. I have a very early start on Saturday and a 3 hour plus film is too much the evening before. I’m hoping to see that on Sunday afternoon, when I have a bit more time free. All of that depends on whether we’re waiting on someone to take a look at the heating or not.

I’ll also be writing about my top ten films of the year, which I think is pretty much set at the moment, although there’s still a few I want to see that I haven’t. I’ll be publishing that in the last week of December, along with another post about my favourite TV shows, books, and games that I’ve watched/read/played this year.

That’s from me for now. I hope everyone has a good December and happy holidays!



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Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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