Looking Back

As the year is coming to an end, I’ve been looking back at some of the things I’ve written on my blog. For the last week the most read post on my blog every day has been my review of Christmas is Cancelled, which I wrote last year towards the end of December. It was my most read review for the entirety of last year, even though it was published December 21st, and is the sixth most read post this year. I quite like Christmas movies, but this one was so bad.

Back in May, I started reading the manga, JoJo’s Bizarre adventure. I read the first part and then wrote a post on here. I scheduled it to be posted when I was on the train to go to MCM comic con in London. I put a lot of effort into the post and was excited for people to read it. I had a plan to read more of the manga and write about each part, but never got round to it. When I got back home, after a mixed day out, I opened my laptop and saw that only four people had read the post. I was quite disappointed, to be honest, but quickly forgot about it and focused on other things. Then a few months passed, and I noticed that the post was the most read post of that day, and I clicked onto it and saw that over a hundred people had been on the post, and it gets a few views every day. That’s probably the happiest I’ve been writing on here. There’s a few reviews that I’ve written, that I’ve been really happy with how they turned out, and that’s one of them. Something I definitely want to do next year is read more and write more about it.

I’ve only published one short story on here during 2022, called Best Friends Forever, and I wish that I’d put more up. I finished writing Teddy a long time ago, but haven’t put it on here, mainly because I don’t think people will like it. I’m aiming to get this published by the end of the month, giving me a little bit of time to go over it once more and make sure that I’m completely happy with it. Going forward I want to have one short story out every month. I have a few that I’ve started and more that I have planned, so would like to publish them more consistently.

I have high hopes for a good year in 2023, and want to write more than I’ve ever written before. It would be great for 2023 to be coming to an end and have 12 new stories on here.

Thanks for reading and until next time,

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Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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