My Current Favourite Manga Series

My favourite manga series currently is without a doubt Asadora! and I can’t wait for volume 6 which comes out just before Christmas. Naoki Urasawa is my favourite mangaka, and I’ve pretty much loved everything he’s created. Monster has been my favourite manga series for over 10 years now, but Adadora! may take its place. It’s a great period story that’s set in post war Japan, following Asa who loses her family during a devastating tsunami. As she grows up she becomes a pilot who helps the government in stopping a potential kaiju (giant monster) from attacking mainland Japan. It’s a great blend of fantasy and action combined into a really solid period drama. If your looking for something a little different then it’s definitely worth checking out. Even if you’ve not read manga before, I think this series would be a great introduction to the medium.

Another manga that I’ll definitely be getting as soon as I see it in stores is the next Zom 100. The series follows Akira works a dead end job that’s draining every second out of his day. While everyone else is terrified of the zombie apocalypse, Akira sees it as a chance to live life to the full writing out a bucket list of things to do before he gets turned into a zombie. At face value this is absolutely silly fun and very funny, and it would be completely brilliant if that’s all it was, but there’s also some great characters as well as some interesting commentary about the modern work life. I also really like how the story arcs are very short, often only being a handful of chapters at most.

Chainsawman is pure chaotic brilliance and I’m so glad the manga is back and better than ever. I started reading this because of its name back when it was still quite new. I saw it on the Shonen Jump app and caught up straight away. The name didn’t disappoint. It’s about a guy, Denji, who makes a contract with the chainsaw devil to continue living. He’s a normal human It’s quick and easy to read, with a lot of funny moments. There’s nothing serious about the manga series at all. The artstyle is also really cool, with a rough around the edges look. Tatsuki Fujimoto has also written some really great one-shots that I wouldn’t have found without Chainsawman. Would definitely recommend checking those out as well.

Spy x Family has been consistently brilliant right from chapter one, well almost. I really struggled with the arc set on the cruise ship. It felt like it just went on forever, but as soon as that finished I started really enjoying it again. It’s so funny and the art is fantastic. It’s a story where a master spy acts goes undercover as an average man, Loid Forger for a mission, where he adopts a young girl, Anya, who is also a mind-reader but doesn’t let Loid know. To make the cover convincing he fake-marries Yor, an elite assassin. It’s a little bit like Mr and Mrs Smith, but better. If your a manga fan and haven’t given this a go, then you need to. The anime isn’t bad either, but I prefer the manga.

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4 Responses to My Current Favourite Manga Series

  1. Irina says:

    Great picks. We have very similar tastes in manga

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    • Thank you! Do you have any recommendations? I always want to find new series

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      • Irina says:

        Let’s see. If you haven’t gotten around to 20th Century Boys, it’s great. Lately I’ve been enjoying Akiko Higashimura’s works. The Witch and the Beast is a bit violent but f you liked Chainsaw Man you might enoy it Not that the two are similar. For a change of pace Giant Spider and me was sweet and Voynich Hotel is an intriguing goth comedy that misex myths from all over the world.

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      • Thank you! I’ve not read 20th Century Boys, but I do have the first volume on my shelf. Will definitely be reading it soon. I’ll check out the others as well!


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