Just Listen to the Song – Manga Review

The latest one-shot from Tatsuki Fujimoto (creator of Chainsaw Man), Just Listen to the Song, was released in July 2022. It’s a very short (under 20 pages) story about a school student who uploads a song to YouTube to confess his love for a classmate. Finding the video funny, she shares it online and it ends up attracting millions of views around the world, causing a global sensation as people pick up on imagery in the video, apparent ghosts that appear, and even political messages that are hidden if you play it backwards.

What no one actually does is listen to the song normally, everyone interprets it in their own way, but miss the obvious love confession. Finding the situation embarrassing, the student wants to delete the video, but is unable to due to the ghosts being spotted and that could anger the spirits, so he leaves it up, leading to further analysis and hype for his next song.

This is a really short and to the point story, that’s quite funny, and leaves you wanting more. It does feel like the first chapter of a very strange rom-com manga, but I like where the story is left. The final pages allow you to make up your mind for what is actually happening. Not everything is spelled out. It’s very easy to read, and goes by in seconds, barely taking five minutes to read it in full. It’s amazing how much is packed into something so short, and definitely worth reading.

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