Ms. Marvel – Season One Review

Season one of Ms. Marvel has been a real joy to watch each week. The series is very light-hearted and clearly aimed at a YA audience, and it makes for the perfect easy-watching show. Marvel’s answer to DC’s CW shows, but unlike those shows it manages to remain entertaining each episode.

Iman Vellani does a fantastic job at bringing Kamala Khan to life throughout. She’s completely believable in the role and does a great job at balancing both the dramatic and the more actiony moments. Everyone in the cast is great, especially those playing Kamala’s family. To be honest the absolute highlight of the show is how focused it is on Kamala’s family and takes a more coming-of-age approach to the superhero origin story. The family are all great characters, and her situation feels relatable even though it’s a superhero story. Watching their dynamics is funny and authentic.

The first episode of the show is absolutely electric. It feels like it’s ripped right out of a comic book with a quirky tone and exciting visual flairs. It’s an absolute blast, with Kamala’s thought projected onto the buildings behind her. Sadly, that comic-book style is lessened with each episode until it starts to feel a little more generic visually as the episodes go on. It’s still bright and colourful, and the effects look great, but it loses the personality that set the show apart in the first place.

Even if its uniqueness fades as the series progresses, the story is still entertaining all the way through with a central mystery surrounding Kamala’s family that is slowly unwrapped a little more each episode, with solid reveals that keep you hooked all the way up to the final scene.

With the way the series ends, especially with how it sets up The Marvels, it feels like Kamala’s story is just beginning. Essentially this is a six-part origin story as Kamala turns into Ms. Marvel and learns to use her powers. Most of it has been done before, but the show manages to make it feel exciting, thanks mainly to some great characters.

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