Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, Volume 6 – Manga Review

The sixth volume of Zom 100 finds Akira having to choose between his dad being killed at the hands of the sadistic Kanta or turning himself into a zombie. Kanta is a pure psycho who wants to destroy the safe village and lets zombies take over, with Akira and co. defending the village at all costs. Kanta takes Akira’s father and offers to let him live in turn for Akira being bitten. It’s a tense opening to the volume that isn’t resolved straight away.

Instead, we get a small amount of backstory of the villains who are helping Kanta, which is pretty good. Their stories make sense and you do kind of understand how they have become twisted, by being naturally selfish, lazy and inconsiderate people. Their motives make sense, but at the same time there’s no part of the story that makes you want to come close to siding with them.

Around halfway through the volume we get a resolution to the current story arc and then a bit of a breather while also setting up the next one. The last couple of volumes have been following the storyline ‘Hometown of the Dead’ where Akira has come home to find his parents. It’s been a really strong arc and thankfully this volume delivers a really strong ending to it. The next arc looks like it will also be really great as well.

I’m really enjoying this series so far. The characters are fantastic and you do genuinely care about them. There’s a lot of really funny moments, with the manga being an all-out comedy with a lot of heart. At the moment there is Netflix live-action adaptation in the works, and hopefully that does the manga series. I’m looking forward to reading the next volumes as soon as I can.

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