Infinitum: Subject Unknown – Film Review

Director: Matthew Butler-Hart

Writers: Matthew Butler-Hart and Tori Butler-Hart

Starring: Tori Butler-Hart, Ian McKellen, Conleth Hill

Rating: ★★★

Infinitum: Subject Unknown was shot completely on an iphone during the UK’s first lockdown in 2020. It’s a low-budget sci-fi film, that used the empty streets to their full potential to make this fell grand in scale.

Jane (Tori Butlet-Hart) wakes up to find herself strapped to a chair, in a world that feels slightly out of sync with her own. Before she’s really found out what’s going on, time resets and she finds herself back in the chair. Stuck in a time-loop, Jane has to slowly figure out what’s happening and why she’s there.

The story is really interesting, right from the start you’re hooked and want to know more about what’s happening. Time-loop stories are always intriguing and this one is no exception. The first part of the film mostly takes place in the house that Jane wakes up in, getting further and further away with each reset. You’re never really given that much information about what’s going on, besides some talking head moments with professors played by Ian McKellen and Conleth Hill. This isn’t their film though, with their appearances being more of a cameo. Almost everything focuses on Jane.

While the film is clearly shot in the pandemic, with the eerie quiet streets of early 2020 looming in the background, this isn’t about what we’ve all gone through. It’s just using the setting to the films advantage to get everything going. It makes the film feel very lonely, with barely anyone else appearing throughout, and does give this greatly unsettling feeling which matches the story being told.

Sadly, the pacing is a little messy. It’s only eightyish minutes long, but feels a lot longer. As the final act comes around it feels very drawn out and does loose your interest as it reaches the end, which isn’t that satisfying either.

Overall it’s an interesting film and is something different. It’s not going to blow your mind, but is entertaining while it lasts.

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